About PTL

Polyplex group (Polyplex) is among the world's largest manufacturers of thin PET film.

Our polyester capabilities include both thin and thick PET film in a wide range of thickness and surface properties covering a spectrum of applications.

Our diversified business portfolio includes BOPP , Blown PP/PE and CPP films produced in new state-of-the-art plants. Integrated downstream capabilities of Metallizing, Silicone Coating (Offline Chemical Coating) and Extrusion Coating deliver further value-added products.

We have a global presence, supplying to about 1600 customers in 70 countries across Europe, Americas, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

Polyplex operates close to its key regional markets, with manufacturing and supply points across the world. We run integrated manufacturing & distribution operations in six countries viz. India, Thailand, Turkey, U.S.A., China & Netherlands.Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Ltd (PTL) is a subsidiary of Polyplex Corporation Ltd (PCL) of India and is Thailand's leading manufacturer and exporter of Biaxially Oriented Polyester (BOPET) Film. PTL has two 2 PET Thin Film lines with captive PET Chips facility, 2 Metallized film lines, 2 Extrusion Coating film lines, 1 CPP film line with 1 CPP Metallized film line, 1 Silicone Coating line, 1 Blown PP film line, 1 Thick PET film line with captive PET Chips facility at its plant in Rayong province, Thailand.

Polyplex Europa (PE), PTL’s 100% subsidiary in Turkey, set up in 2004. It currently has 2 PET Thin film lines, a captive PET chips facility, 2 Metallized film lines and an Offline coated film line. An additional metallizer with an annual capacity of 4,900 TPA was installed in Feb'2015 to augment capacity as well as portfolio of Metallized films.

In January 2006, in order to further strengthen its sales/distribution network in the American continent, PTL acquired a distribution company in the US which was renamed as Polyplex (Americas) Inc (PA). In January 2013, PA has been merged with Polyplex USA LLC (PU), the new subsidiary of PTL, where the new PET Thin film manufacturing line has been set up.

In the year 2009, PTL set up a Trading company in China – Polyplex Trading (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd (PTSL), with the aim to establish a presence in China, which is one of the fastest growing markets in the PET film industry accounting for about 20% of the global market.

A Greenfield project in the USA for manufacture of Thin PET film line (Plain and Metallized film) and Polyester chips line has been set up under the Company’s 100% subsidiary Polyplex USA LLC. The Thin PET Film line has recently commenced operations in April 2013 and the Polyester Chips line has started in July, 2014.

As another sustainability initiative, the Company has set up a project to recycle film waste. The project, has been implemented in Thailand, under a 66.5% held subsidiary of Polyplex Thailand.

With the expansions in Turkey, USA and China, PTL has emerged as an important and profitable player in the Polyester Film business at a global level. PTL's products have gained wide acceptance in the International markets, such as USA, Europe, South-East Asia, South America and other smaller markets, where the Company has been exporting a substantial part of its production. PTL is focusing on supplying to the fast growing Packaging, Industrial and Electrical PET Film applications’.

A Greenfield Thin PET film line project is underway in Indonesia at a total investment cost of USD 95 million (including USD 15 million for working capital). This project is being implemented under PT Polyplex Films Indonesia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyplex (Thailand) Plc


  • Sales & Other income of Thai Baht 12.6 billion
  • 1,081 employees
  • Integrated manufacturing & distribution operations in six countries
  • Chairman of the Board: Mr. Manu Leopairote
  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Sanjiv Saraf
  • Head Office: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange on Thailand since December 2004


Manufacturing capacities of various locations:

Location Base Films Upstream Downstream
PET Thin PET Thick BOPP Film CPP Blown Film PET Resin Metallizer Holographic Films Coating
India 55,000 - 35,000 - - 77,600 35,000 2,640 286
Thailand 42,000 28,800 - 10,000 8,845 80,500 21,700 - 980
Turkey 58,000 - - - - 57,600 17,700 - 140
USA 31,000 - - - - 57,600 9,500 - -
Indonesia 44,000 - - - - 73,000 6,000 - -
Polyplex Group 230,000 28,800 35,000 10,000 8,845 346,300 89,900 2,640 1,406


1. Except Coated Films where the capacity is in Million SQM per annum, the capacity of all other product lines is in MT per annum.

2. The above graph includes the proposed investments Silicone coating Line-3 and Offline Coater in Thailand, a new replacement metallizer in USA, 3 Holographic lines in India, Metallizer in India, Offline Coater 2 in India and the greenfield PET Film line along with Metallizer & Resin project in Indonesia which are under implementation.