Polyplex is committed towards sustainability and aims to be a total packaging substrate solution provider for its customers while developing products with minimal environmental impact and providing the highest standards of health and safety to the workforce. As an organisation, the Company continually strives to:

  • Improve production and operational efficiencies to ensure optimal consumption of resources like electricity, water and raw materials.
  • Limiting the impact on the environment by reducing emission levels of industrial waste and effluents.
  • Improve safety and health standards by continuously improving working conditions, minimizing workplace hazards and raising awareness through involvement, participation and continuous training of the shop floor workforce.
  • Engage with stakeholders to promote sustainable business practices.

Polyplex has undertaken the following decisive initiatives in the realm of environmental conservation:

  • Developed and optimized “chemical recycling” process for manufacturing Sarafil rPET Polyester film with Post consumer Recyclate content up to 90% for packaging applications. The film has made available commercially using post-consumer PET bottle flakes as input material. The rPET resin has properties same as that of virgin PET resin and the resultant PET film is compliant with all regulatory requirements including EC and US FDA compliances.
  • Developed PET film based monomeric structure for use as a single layer for applications including cold seal release film and applications.
  • The Company has developed Sarafil biodegradable PET film as per internationally accepted biodegradability (anaerobic) standards ASTM 5526 & ASTM551.
  • Operationalized latest technologies to save power across plant locations which resulted in substantial improvements in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Through its R&D initiatives, Polyplex has promoted the use of bio-based renewable raw materials and energy sources for the manufacture of polyester films.
  • Dedicated recycling unit in Thailand which provides sustainable solutions for plain and coated film waste.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas generation by using husk-fired heaters at its Indian facilities.
  • Switched to LED lighting across plants.

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