Polyplex in Turkey

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Polyplex Europa Polyester Film Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi (PE) is our Turkish subsidiary with its manufacturing facility in the European Free Trade Zone located in the European side of Turkey at Çorlu, Tekirdag. Our presence here brings us close to our markets in Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle-East besides North Africa.

Our manufacturing facility at Corlu has an installed capacity of:

  • Thin PET film - 58,000 tons per annum
  • Metallized film - 17,700 tons per annum
  • PET Resin – 75,850 tons per annum
  • Offline Coated Film – 140 million Sqm
  • Holographic Films – 480 tons per annum

* Note - The above includes the projects which are under implementation.

PE employs about 265 people in manufacturing, sales and corporate operations.


In 2005, operations began with a thin PET film line with a capacity of 29,000 tons per annum.

In 2006, a continuous process PET resin plant was added to feed captive requirements.

In 2008, a second thin PET film line with a capacity of 29,000 tons per annum was commissioned, taking the total capacity to 58,000 tons per annum of base PET film.

The two metallizers were installed in the year 2006 and 2008 respectively. An additional metallizer with an annual capacity of 4,900 TPA was installed in Feb 2015 to augment capacity as well as a portfolio of Metallized films.

In order to enhance the product portfolio, PE has commissioned an offline coating line in FY 2013-14. To further augment the product basket, a holography line is expected to be commissioned in Q3 2019-20.

A batch resin plant is under implementation to produce silica and specialty resin in-house.


In September 2013, PE incorporated a 100% owned distribution subsidiary in Turkey by the name of POLYPLEX PAKETLEME ÇÖZÜMLERİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ to facilitate better market reach in the local Turkish market.