BOPET - Thick Film

Polyplex has also entered into thick PET film segment with the thickness range of 23 to 350µ. Thick PET film is suitable for various industrial applications. Sarafil Thick film exhibits following characteristics:

  • Clean room condition for super clear PET films (Class 1000/10000)
  • Low MD shrinkage(<1.0%) capability
  • Web inspection and Auto web cleaning at TDO outlet


1. Graphic Application

Sarafil PET film has high dimensional stability, durability with excellent optical properties suitable for Imaging / Reprographics applications. Antistatic, adhesion promoter type coating makes wider application range.

 Segment Application Product Type Thickness (µ)
Graphics Imaging / Reprographics CF102, CF122, CF128, CF108, CF188, CF100 TF102, TF122, TF128, TF108, TF188, TF100 50-250
2. General Industrial Application

Sarafil PET film is suitable for industrial applications such as labels, releasing, adhesive tapes, laminates etc. due to high dimensional stability and durability with excellent optical properties.

 Segment Application Product Type Thickness (µ)
Industrial Labels CF102, CF122, CFL100 TF102, TF122, TF100 23-100
Releasing-silicone coating TF300, TF310, TF111, TF108, S56SY, HZ100, HZ101 23-125
Adhesive Tapes TF100, TF101, TF122, TF102, TF108 23-30
Laminations CFL100, CF102, TF100, TF102, TF122 23-125
Heating Films MW103, HZ200, HZ203 125-188
3. Electrical Application

Sarafil PET film has excellent insulator characteristics which enable them to use in various electrical applications such as cable wrapping, motor insulation etc.

 Segment Application Product Type Thickness (µ)
Electrical Cable Wrapping HZ100 23-125
Motor Insulation HZ200 125-250
Motor Insulation MW200 125-350
4. PV Application

Sarafil PET film has excellent insulator characteristics which enable them to use in various PV back sheet application.

 Segment Application Product Type Thickness (µ)
PV Back sheet HZ400 (Suitable for TPT structure) 125-250
HZ300 (Hydrolysis Resistance) 125-250
HZ380 (Hydrolysis Resistance-Low MD Shrinkage) 125-250
HZ480 (Suitable for TPT structure- Low MD Shrinkage) 125-250
HZ500 (UV Hydrolysis Resistance) 125-250
HZ580 (UV Hydrolysis Resistance-- Low MD Shrinkage) 125-250
HZW700 ( UV white hydrolysis resistance) - Introducing shortly 50-125
5. Window Film Application

Sarafil PET film is suitable for window film applications such as solar film, automotive, safety and architecture, building etc. due to high dimensional stability and durability with excellent optical properties.

 Segment Application Product Type Thickness (µ)
Window Films Automotive, Architecture CF31S, CF10S
6. Electronics Application

Sarafil PET film provides comprehensive solution for Electronics Industry. Sarafil PET films product range covers MTS, FPC and MLC. Sarafil PET films exhibits excellent clearness and transparency.

 Segment Application Product Type Thickness (µ)
Electronics MTS CF102, CF122, CF108, CF188 23-100
FPC CF102, CF122, CF108, CF188 75-250
MLCC Separator TF100, TF108 23-50
Release Liner CF100, CF108
UCF100, UCF108
7. Display Application

Sarafil PET film targets to provide comprehensive solution for Display Industry.

 Segment Application Product Type Thickness (µ)
 Display ITO/ Hard Coating CF102, CF122, CF10R, CF1RR, CF121, CF1R1, CF128
UCF102, UCF122, UCF10R, UCF1RR, UCF121, UCF1R1, UCF128
Polarizer Films Protection CF121, CF181
TF121, TF181
Release/ Separator CF101
Prism Films BEF/DEF UCF166, UCF122, UCF126 25-250
Protection CF122, CF126, CF125, CF166
UCF122, UCF126, UCF125, UCF166
Diffuser CF122, CF166, CF121, CF162 125-188

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