Polyplex offers a wide range of plastic film across several substrates; both standard plain films as well as a range of value added films with offline coating and metallizing capabilities.

The key product line of Polyplex continues to be its Sarafil range of plastic films which is the mainstay business activity for Polyplex. Over the last 5 years, Polyplex has also entered into PP based films in a big way which has enabled it to offer a variety of products and solutions to its customers. When complemented with investments in specialty coatings and metallizing, the in-house availability of various base films has enable Polyplex to offer products for various applications ranging from general packaging, specialty packaging, electrical, liners, roofing and a whole collection of industrial applications like hot stamping foil, flexible air conditioning ducts, book lamination, yarn, etc. Polyplex products spans the entire range of generic and specialty products across all the major end use segments. In general, Sarafil products are complying with FDA, EC Directives and other relevant regulations for food contact application. Polyplex has also entered into thick PET film segment suitable for a range of industrial applications including imaging & graphics, photovoltaic and flat panel display. Polyplex products are not only available in almost all the major end use segments but also spans the entire range of generic and specialty products.


The range of Sarafil base films are suitable for a range of applications with its inherent properties of being clear, transparent, flexible and strong despite being lightweight.



The Saracote range of silicone coated films (PET/PP) is designed to provide excellent carrier to pressure sensitive material. The typical applications are in labels, tapes, roofing shingles and peel & stick underlayments.


The Saralam range of extrusion coated film products cater to a variety of end use such as thermal lamination products like book covers, identity cards, etc besides carton lamination, wide format commercial films, etc