Peelable Sealable PET Films

Sarafil Peelable Sealable PET films are biaxially oriented polyester films with coating on one side. They are suitable for packaging of frozen foods and ready to eat meals. They provide consistent and peeling seals to substrates such as APET, CPET.

Product Grade Thickness (µ) Applications / Features
PSTB01 23, 36,50 Suitable for APET, CPET, RPET / Dual Ovenable & Refrigerable With Antifog
PSTC01 23, 36,50 Suitable for APET,CPET,PVC,PS / Refrigerable
PLS100 23, 36,50 Suitable for APET,CPET,PVC,PS,PP,PE / Dual Ovenable & Refrigerable