Sarafil metallized polyester film offer excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties.

Metallizing of PET film under vacuum conditions is a proven technology to achieve special optical properties and reduce diffusion of gases and flavors through the film.

Sarafil PET film offers a range of metallized films with or without different pretreatments offering good adhesion properties, Chemical resistance and varying degree of barrier levels.

Product Grade Thickness (µ) Applications / Features
LMTCP 12 ESD film
LSP101 12 Susceptor Film
MMICP 12, 23, 36, 50 Lidding Metallized Films
MMTCP 12, 23, 36 Barrier Metallized Film
MMTP42 12, 23, 36 Chemical Coated Metallized Film
MMT56P 12 High Metal Adhesion Metallized Film
MMT60P 12 High Metal Adhesion Metallized Film
HMTCP 12 High Barrier Metallized Film
MT5000 12 Ultra High Barrier Metallized Film
MT6000 12 Ultra High Barrier Metallized Film
MT4000 12 High Barrier & High Adhesion Metallized Film
MDS1042 50 Matte Metallized Film
MM1040 12 Matte Metallized Film
MM2002 19, 23 Matte Metallized Film
MMCC42 12, 23, 36, 50 High Gloss Metallized Film
HO100 23 White Metallized Film
MHS100 12, 15 , 20, 30,36, 50 Heat Seal Metallized Film
MPF1001 12 Colored Metallized PET