Green Wrap (Confectionary PET Films)

Sarafil Green Wrap offers polyester films with excellent Deadfold and twist retaining characteristics. They are especially designed for packaging of confectionary items such as lollipops, candies, chocolates, truffles etc.

  • Excellent Deadfold Properties
  • Outstanding Twist Retention
  • Suitable for Single and Double Twist
  • Antistatic properties for machine runability
  • Chlorine Free
  • Suitable for Flexo and Gravure Printing
  • Designed for High Speed Machines (1600 candies/min)
  • Proven Performance on machines such as Pactec and Bosch
Product Grade Thickness (µ) Applications / Features
GW181 15, 18, 23 Confectionary, Candy, Chocolate, Toffee / Transparent
GW301 15, 18, 23 Confectionary, Candy, Chocolate, Toffee / Metallized
WGW181 18,23 Confectionary, Candy, Chocolate, Toffee / White